(Music and Lyrics: Sascha Mario Klein)

Make it clean, make it lean, make it decorated.
Line it up, all in pairs, make it orchestrated.
I’m a sucker for symmetry.
Lock the door, what it’s for, it’s not complicated.
Give the key, just to me, I’m not devastated.
I’m a sucker for privacy.

I’m a sucker for harmony.
Chaos did never work for me.
I’m in control of heart and soul.
I’m a sucker for harmony.
I’m a sucker for harmony.
Let me show you my agony.
You’ll understand what I have planned.
I’m a sucker for harmony.

Another day that I’ve been on retreat,
another day to recover.
Another task that I’ll never complete.
The day we prey on eachother.
The day I’ll come to my senses,
you make me lose it all again.
And I fall into pieces.
I think you’ll never understand.

Scrub your feet, wash your hands, make them disinfected.
Don’t come near, don’t stay here,
don’t feel disconnected.
I’m a sucker for sanity.
Don’t drink this, don’t eat that,
only if it’s heated.
Please refrain from the stain,
it just has been treated.
I’m a sucker for decency.

Another day that I’ve been under siege,
another day to discover.
My holy grail, it is never complete.
And so I feed on another.
The day I’ll jump all the fences,
is the day when I lose it all.
When I’m down on my knees yet,
I’ve nowhere left to fall.

Agony posted on 2015-03-17 20:49