The Creep

(Music and Lyrics: Sascha Mario Klein)

I’m a creep, because I always suffer.
I’m a jerk. The world is much too hard for me.
I’m a dick. Everyone is faster.
And in the end, there’s always nothing left me.

I’m able to do anything,
but just can’t get it right.
Losing my last confidence,
right before the fight.
Just to get the picture clear,
assume we never met.
And if we ever had the chance,
you’ll walk away instead.

I’m a freak, and a bad imposter.
I’m doomed to try, but never to succeed.
I confess, I am a lazy bastard.
But used to this, why should it bother me.

Nothing keeps me interested,
longer than a sec.
If I’ll give you my attention,
it would set you back.
This was never meant to happen,
never meant to be.
And in the end, I know for sure,
the faulter – this is me.

The Creep posted on 2015-03-17 20:50